Victoria Albrecht, Managing Director at Springbok AI, recently shared her experience as a speaker at Techsylvania in an exclusive interview. Techsylvania is an annual tech conference held in Cluj-Napoca, Romania. The conference attracts international leaders in tech and offers an opportunity for networking and B2B matchmaking.

In this interview, Victoria shares her thoughts on the conference and offers tips for businesses looking to expand their horizons at tech events.

When asked about her first thought upon hearing about Techsylvania, Victoria expressed her admiration for the conference’s impressive reputation and the caliber of speakers who have graced its stage. Victoria also shared her admiration for Techsylvania’s agenda: “I particularly admired the calibre of speakers you’ve had on your stage in the past and was keen to be involved.”

Victoria went on to share her thoughts on how Techsylvania stood out from other tech conferences she had attended. She emphasized the special speaker events and personal connections that Vlad and the team create between the attendees and the local community. Victoria particularly enjoyed the B2B matchmaking saying that “The opportunity to meet with other global leaders in tech — in the middle of Romania — is very fun indeed! The special speaker events make the trip 100% worth it. Add to this the opportunity to network with the international tech community, this event really stands out to me as a unique opportunity.

Victoria also shared how her participation in Techsylvania led to a business collaboration with Flutter, a leading sports betting company. Her personal introduction to Mihai Popa, Director of Gaming Technology, led to a face-to-face meeting at the company’s offices. The relationship with Flutter spun out of her being a speaker at Codiax, a sister event of Techsylvania. “I connected with Flutter through Vlad and the Codiax/Techsylvania team, Springbok was able to meet Mihai Popa {…} After my talk at Codiax in 2019, Vlad’s personal introduction to Mihai led to a F2F meeting at Flutter’s offices.

Finally, Victoria shared tips for businesses looking to expand their horizons at tech events. She urged businesses to set clear intentions and be aware of what they want to achieve. Depending on their goals, businesses should attend niche events to gain inspiration or more industry-focused events to network with potential clients. Moreover, businesses should be aware of their strengths and attend events that cater to their niche.

In conclusion, Victoria shared her love for Codiax and her willingness to join Techsylvania next year. However, she also acknowledged the importance of empowering her team to take advantage of such fantastic opportunities. Victoria’s insights offer an excellent overview of the benefits of participating in tech conferences and how to get the most out of them