Exhibition area

Each year, our event partners strive to create memorable experiences for the curious minds attending Techsylvania. In the expo area, you can find an eclectic mix of products and activities, ranging from interactive activations, games, gadgets, prizes and surprises, to professional opportunities and product demos.

The Exhibition area is located in the high traffic zones of the venue and it’s access-free to all the event participants.

Expand your brand awareness

3500+ curious minds will join Techsylvania this year. Reach new people, improve your brand’s perception and strengthen existing connections. Create your own brand story, in your dedicated space.

Identify new business opportunities

Techsylvania is a hotbed for technology and business your company can be in the centre of the action. Innovation is at home with us and you can find new tools and ideas to grow your business.

Showcase your product, services

Create immersive experiences for the thousands of participants attending Techsylvania each year. Additionally, media representatives might pay you a visit—free exposure for your brand, get your pitch ready!

Meet your future colleagues

If your company is looking to expand their team, you can present your career opportunities to the people joining your booth. Make sure you identify and present relevant roles—our audience is predominantly comprised of professionals with a tech background.

Access the ultimate trends in technology & innovation

Talks, workshops, Q & A sessions, networking opportunities, you name it. At Techsylvania you can access high quality content, directly from the people creating it.
Additionally to the Exhibition experience, our Techsylvania 2020 partners can opt for custom event support forms, as well as for dedicated activations and brand exposure opportunities before and during the event.

Maximize your business opportunities in 2020 by

partnering with Techsylvania