Bringing closer founders, investors and top executives to debate the latest trends and innovations.
Meet and connect with the brightest minds in the industry through 1.5- hour-long discussions.

How does it work?

Executive Roundtables are 1.5- hour-long discussions between up to 10 members. It’s a mix of speakers and top executives from national companies. The purpose is to create an engaging conversation that could eventually stir up collaborations between the participants.

Leadership consists of briefly introducing the topic, shooting out a few initial thoughts or questions to get the ball rolling, and then guiding the discussion by asking relevant questions where needed.


Share Ideas, innovation and best practices

Build and strengthen strategic relationships

Exchange information with top leaders

Meet and connect with industry leaders

Previous Executive Roundtable Hosts

These are the people who start conversations that lead to actual innovation.
Delia Iliasa Commercial Director at Medicover Romania
Mihaela Urzica Strategy Director at OMV Petrom
Joanna Gordon Founder Transform.ai
Don Lothrop Co-Founder of PressOne
Ionut Bonoiu Editor in Chief Forbes
Alex Dima Vice President at Fortech
Vlad Pranitchi Managing Director Rodeapps


These are just a few of the subjects that were debated during our most recent Executive Roundtables

True benefits of technology in healthcare
Leading in digital age
How are you designing a responsible AI strategy
How can tech help Romania keep its citizens
Managing your human capital
Scaling businesses through technology
How to get most out of remote teams in an agile environment

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