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Artificial Intelligence.

Unleash the power of AI. Dive into machine learning, computer vision, and natural language processing. Discover AI’s impact on industries and its limitless potential for innovation.

Driving Societal Change Through AI Innovation

Yossi Matias is on the leadership team of Google Research. He is the global lead of Google’s Health AI and Climate Crisis AI, and leading pioneering efforts in Conversational AI.

Yossi Matias – Vice President of Engineering at Google

Computing Large Foundational Models

At Stability Tom is designing and implementing solutions using collective intelligence and augmented technology that will transform the world and usher in a new era of personal creativity.

Stability runs one of the largest HPC centers for AI researchers, currently featuring over 4000 Nvidia A100 GPUs on AWS Cloud

Tom Mason – CTO at Stability AI

Panel: Advancing AI for Everyone

Dan Oros (Google)
Ioan Iacob (FLOWX.AI)
Diana Borsa (Google DeepMind)
Ovidiu Cîmpean (State Secretary – Ministry of Investments and European Projects)



Discover the art of masterful fundraising and the captivating quest for investors! Unearth the hidden gems of entrepreneurial terminology that can be the make-or-break of your business journey.

Scaling and Fundraising for Marketplace, Consumer, and SMB Software Companies in a Downturn

Vinny Pujji – Managing Partner at Left Lane Capital

Getting Past 93 VC Rejections

Slava Rubin – Founder of Indiegogo


From Zero to Unicorn: A Deep Dive into Building and Scaling 8 Companies


Levi King – Founder and Executive Chairman of Nav


Talks related to product management, marketing, growth hacking, industry trends, and ideation, but also related to building up a company from an organizational perspective (culture, management, operations)

Mapping the Future with Lars Rasmussen, Founder, and Angel Investor

Lars Rasmussen – Creator of Google Maps

Following the Steps of the Start-Up Nation: How to Scale-Up the Romanian Ecosystem


Reuven Azar – Ambassador of Israel to Romania

Designing for Impact: Harnessing Collaboration and Innovation

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