Mark Porter

CTO at Transport, Grab

 Mark Porter is CTO for Transport at Grab, Southeast Asia’s leading on-demand transportation and mobile payments company. Grab uses data and technology to improve everything from transportation, payments, food delivery and logistics across a region of more than 640 million people. In this role, Mark leads and works with teams in Grab’s R&D
centers in Singapore, Seattle, Beijing, Bangalore, Jakarta, Kuala Lumpur, and Ho Chi Minh City.

Prior to joining Grab in October of 2018, Mark was a General Manager for 5 years at Amazon Web Services, leading the Relational Database Service (RDS), Amazon Aurora, RDS for PostgreSQL, the AWS Database Migration Service and the AWS Schema Conversion Tool (SCT). Mark was also the Director of Engineering for the RDS Platform, the generic code which all
of the RDS database engines use to offer the RDS service, as well as leading a follow-the-sun team to deliver all RDS worldwide 24×7 operations, quality assurance and performance testing.

Mark has been programming since he was 11 – professionally since he was 16. He has often described his career as “mostly worshipping the ACID transaction, with a pretty exciting detour into digital video.” Mark has a deep background in databases, systems programming, video compression,
system performance and scalability and is a named inventor on 11 patents. Before Amazon, Mark held positions as CTO of the Shared Learning Initiative for NewsCorp (a joint project with the Gates Foundation), Vice President of Engineering at Oracle Corporation and an
engineer at Nasa’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory. In addition, Mark founded and ran his own electronics services integration company.

Mark holds a Bachelor’s degree from Caltech. He is a proud husband of 20 years and also the proud father of 5 very technically-savvy children. He loves to ski, sail, read, and is learning to play the piano.

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