Technical Workshops

September 22-23, 2020

We add a learning dimension to our annual Techsylvania experience by inviting experts from leading companies to host technical workshops.

Techsylvania 2020 is going back to tech, with a series of workshops dedicated to engineers and their skill-set enhancement. During the two days, you can select from 10 workshop sessions featuring a wide array of topics, focused only on cutting-edge areas of technology.

Accessible only for ticket holders

Capacity of up to 100 people/ session

Addressing hot issues of the 21st-century

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Workshop Hosts

Ashley Carroll

Partner at Social Capital (Runs a $1.2 Billion VC Fund)

David Campbell

Senior Software Developer at Macadamian

Mihail Subtirelu

Front End Developer – Metro Systems

Adrian Staniloiu

Senior Frontend Developer at Metro Systems

David Campbell

Senior Software Developer at Macadamian

Laszlo Kovacs

Managing Director at CyberSolutions

Vlad Trifa

Chief Product Officer at Ambrosus

Julia Krysztofiak-Szopa

President of the Board at Startup Poland

Paul Dragan

Computer Vision Engineer at Bosch Engineering Center Center

Dan Mihaiescu

Founding Partner at GapMinder Venture Partners

Cristi Lungu

Senior Machine Learning Engineer at ComplyAdvantage

Stefan Mathe

Senior Computer Engineer at Bosch Engineering Centre

Previous workshop topics


Deep Learning for Automated Driving


Adverse Media Threat Intelligence using Machine Learning


Exploring GraphQL with React and Node.js


Cryptocurrencies and ICOs Based Funding


Building Image Classification Models for Medical Diagnostic


Product Management Best Practices


Start Your BigData Experience Today with Apache Spark

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