Shravan Nageswaran

Co-Founder & CEO

Shravan Nageswaran has spent his career driven to build new types of technology to democratize essential primitives to humanity. He is the co-founder of Atman Labs, a London-based applied AI R&D and design company emulating human expertise in software. As CEO, Shravan brings together teams at the cutting edge of interdisciplinary AI research and commercial design to solve valuable problems in society that today’s generative models fall short of, starting with shopping: Atman’s first product will give every human access to individualized shopping concierges, enabling unique and engaging discovery across millions of products on the internet.

Atman’s research uses a first-principled approach to build systems that supersede the reasoning and planning abilities, depth of knowledge, and interactivity of human experts, inspired by Shravan’s foundation in Reinforcement Learning and Computer Vision cultivated at some of the premier research institutions in the world. His engineering skills were honed at Imperial College London, where he finished first in his class and designed the industry’s first stablecoin cryptocurrency audited in real-time, and Harvard University, where he built his first business to democratize access to self-storage powered by local communities.

Following his first business, Shravan became one of the first team members at Worldcoin, founded by OpenAI CEO Sam Altman, to democratize access to the global economy through a new internet protocol that verified proof-of-humanity. Collaborating with numerous industry leaders, Shravan orchestrated the platform’s exponential growth from inception to 1.5 million users across 28 countries worldwide. Now, Shravan’s next mission is to democratize access to human expertise, from shopping to education to healthcare and beyond, envisioning a world where humans coexist with benevolent machines to maximize our capacity for exploration and discovery.

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