Andrei Bica

Chief Financial Officer

Andrei has joined Profi, as CFO, more than 3 years ago, and step by step, he opened his areas of interest and responsibility towards IT, Digital, RPA and Cybersecurity, currently also embedding the CTO role. Andrei is a true believer in keeping up with the latest technological developments and he believes that the power of a company is coming from always trying to be one step ahead of emerging trends in technological innovation, mainly for the benefit of Customers, Employees and Partners.
Moreover, Andrei is convinced that all considerable business decisions should be based on relevant Business Intelligence, looking forward and learning from the past, with the aim to offer fast, smooth, digital, and fair value experience to all major stakeholders. Integration of Process Automation, Automated Forecast and Ordering, AI based Personalized Offers are good ingredients for success.
Before joining Profi and contributing to its business and technological growth, making financial services more accessible, efficient and secure, Andrei has spent over 10 years working in the telecom industry, which raised his technological acumen and exposed him to valuable learning opportunities in the Finance Technology field.

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