Connected Devices & Chatbots Hackathon

8-9 June 2019 | Cluj-Napoca | Romania

Event info

If you have an appetite for innovative technologies and a sparkle in your eye when it comes to challenges, we have prepared for you an intense 24-hour hackathon focused on connected devices & chatbots. The best projects come out as a result of fair competitiveness and that’s one aspect you’ll definitely find here. The latest devices and other developers as eager as you to build awesome stuff await for you. Just bring your idea and it will have the best surroundings to fall into place.

Last year, some of the gadgets we provided for our Connected Devices Hackathon have been: DJI, Oculus, Parrot, Amazon Echo, Microsoft Hololens and Onyx Beacon. These helped the participants in finding their energy and inspiration for creating awesome projects. Estimating  how efficient a solar power panel would be if installed, short training lessons on CPR, using The EyeTribe Tracker for introducing your pin code into the ATM and reinventing the way code is written for IoT devices are now possible due to Techsylvania’s hackathon.

The top three projects will be rewarded with free VIP conference passes and consistent prizes that we’ll announce soon.

Hours hackathon



Teams demo at conference

Connected devices available you can code on

Sphero BB-8

Sphero Mini

Sphero R2-D2 Toy

Snips Maker Kit

3dRudder Foot Controller



Oculus DK2

Amazon Echo





Amazon Echo Dot

Microsoft Hololens

Bosch Prototyping-Board XDK

DJI Phantom 4

Leap Motion

Parrot Jumping Sumo

Merge VR

Electric Imp

Raspberry Pi 3


Popular chatbots & other solutions you can use during the hackathon

Has third-party applications that run inside the app. Users can interact with bots by sending them messages, commands and inline requests. They can control the bots using HTTPS requests to the Telegram’s bot API.

Bot users are similar to their human counterparts. They can be mentioned, post messages and upload files, but are programmatically controlled via a bot user token. There are two kinds of Slack bot users: custom bots and app bots.

In Facebook Messenger bots can be implemented to raise awareness, acquire new customers, enable transactions, provide support or just for amusement. They can be created in 10 minutes using Node.js.

HERE Location Services are a powerful set of developer tools that enable your applications to make use of maps and location technology. Access mapping, geocoding, places, routing, traffic, transit, positioning and geovisualization features through REST APIs, JavaScript APIs and native SDKs.

Snips helps developers integrate an AI assistant that can interact with users by voice or text and understand complex queries, all while running locally on device

The IBM Cloud has been built to help you solve problems and advance opportunities in a world flush with data. Whether it’s data you possess, data outside your firewall, or data that’s coming, the IBM Cloud helps you protect it, move it, integrate it and unlock intelligence from it.

Our Hackathon Rules


Team size

We will have at least 4 members per team


Writing code

No code should be written before the Hackathon start. The only exceptions are for publicly available frameworks/APIs, open-source code that has been available for at least a month or APIs/SDKs made available by our partners.


Programming language

You can code in any language and for any platform. No restrictions.


You really need to build something

This is a hackathon, here people really need to get dirty and code something that works. Leave powerpoint presentations at home, because you need to show us a working a project.


Leave your projects at home

We are sure that you have some great working projects but this is not the place for them. At the end you have to present the project you worked on during the hackathon.

Event FAQS

Q: What does the Techsylvania Hackathon provide?

A: We’ll provide you with WiFi, power, food, beverages, and, of course, the prizes. We’ll also have a bunch of amazing wearable and connected devices for you to hack on. You can check the devices provided by our partners on the event info page.

Q: Is this Hackathon only for experienced developers?

A: No. Any kind of developer can participate.

Q: How can we form teams?

A: You can either form a team with your own friends or join any team when you come to the event. Also, we strongly suggest that each hacker gives their attention to just one team, rather than trying to be a part of multiple projects; we want to see your best work, and it’s hard to do your best work when you’re jumping from table to table.

Q: What should I bring?

A: All your normal coding/designing gear, and any hardware you want to hack on. You might want to bring an Internet tethering device just in case the network gets busy.

Q: What is the judging criteria?

A: It’s simple – based on the awesomeness of the project. The judges won’t be worried too much about whether your hackathon project has a clear business model built-in (while this can’t hurt), but they will be focusing on creativity, cleverness and innovation. Bonus points will be given for good pitch and an app built to solve real-world problem.

Q: How long are the pitches?

A: 60 seconds for initial pitches and 5 minutes for the final demos.

Q: I have another question.

A: Send us an email at and we’ll answer as soon as possible.

Limited to 100 developers