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For 6 days, Techsylvania: Beyond Border will gather like-minded people from all across the world. It’s our pleasure to invite bright minds to promote what the local ecosystem has to offer—great knowledge, great people and valuable resources.

Why Join?

Over 20 companies and NGOs join us in creating Satellite Events to help newcomers discover the Techsylvania community in new and exciting ways: meetups, webinars, workshops, online parties and more!



new people, make new friends



some of the most prolific companies in the city



career & business opportunities



good food, good mood, good swag

Startup Idea Jam with Techsylvania

Did you enjoy Techsylvania? Well, come in-person to jam with others from Techsylvania and think of new ideas or work on existing ones to help your project.

  • Location: Brac, Croatia.
  • Date: September 24
  • Time: 4pm

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EU funds, crowdfunding and the future of financing

EU funds are entering a new financial period: 2021 – 2027! New opportunities are already here! Get a head start on finding a funding source for your product! During the event you will have the opportunity to find out if there are any grants out there for your idea or if it would be better fitted for a crowdfunding campaign. Or both?! You will have the chance to interact with our experienced consultants, ask questions and find customised financing solutions.

  • Location: Online.
  • Date: September 21
  • Time: 15.00 EEST

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Upster Conference Meetup #1: Validation. Kick-off your startup journey.

During this meetup you will find out how validation can help you get started building your startup, by learning how to mitigate risks, by using specific tools, techniques, and approaches from our speaker.

  • Location: Hybrid, Physical location (TBA).
  • Date: September 21
  • Time: 18pm

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Pitch your startup to investor.

During this event, the selected startups will have the opportunity to pitch their products to members of the T.A.N angel investor community. This is a great opportunity to test your pitching skills, to see how appealing you are for investors, and get the much-needed feedback to know which way to go next in order to become investable.

  • Location: Hybrid, Physical location (TBA).
  • Date: September 20
  • Time: 05:30 pm EEST

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Can’t wait to join us for Techsylvania 2021